Malinda Zarate

About Malinda:

My background  includes frequent staging of  new, model and resale homes in resort and private communities in parts of the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.  I have years of experience in real-estate sales & marketing, public relations and creative design.

I’m a former real estate agent, owned a mortgage company, managed a residential construction department in an independent bank in Texas, worked in a title company and started my career working for a real estate attorney …so I know real estate!   

What I really enjoy most is the creative side of the business. 

That’s what I’m focusing on with HomeStagerz.

I can guide clients to get their home ready themselves so that they can enthusiastically begin the marketing process, or I can arrange for recommended work to be done. I provide a list of recommended service providers to choose from, whether the job requires de-cluttering and moving of personal belongings into storage, cleaning, minor repairs, painting or yard maintenance, or all of the above!  

I can stage vacant homes to help them show at their best and I can even help with staging homes that are going to be vacation rentals. 

Home Stagerz